Do it, feel it, be it

Looking for Amherst Studio / Jayadeva Yoga?

Schedule: Sunderland Studio

Do it. Feel it. Be it.

Great teachers. Beautiful studio. Satisfying yoga.

Drop-ins and new students (Over 14) are welcome all the time. Just show up.

First-Timer New Student Special: purchase a one month unlimited pass for only $60 or six classes for only $66. Save time, buy online.

We are a barefoot studio. For everyone's safety NO GLASS is allowed anywhere in the building.

Visit our Class Rates & Specials page for fee information and money-saving coupons.

9:15-10:30am Vinyasa w/ Jennifer
5:45-7:00pm Water Series w/ Kate
7:00-8:15am Vinyasa w/ Kate
9:15-10:30am Classic Hatha w/ Sara
4:30-5:30pm Community Class-drop-in for $10 w/ Kate
5:45-7:00pm Classic Hatha w/ Kate
9:15-10:30am Vinyasa No class 1/17, weather cancellation w/ Jennifer
5:45-7:00pm Vinyasa w/ Sara
7:00-8:15am Fire Series w/ Kate
9:15-10:30am Classic Hatha w/ Sara
5:45-7:00pm Vinyasa w/ Sara
9:15-10:30am Classic Hatha w/ Andrea
4:30-5:45pm Community Class-drop-in for $10 w/ Kate
9:15-10:30am Classic Hatha w/ Kate
9:15-10:30am Vinyasa Andrea teaches 1/14 & 1/28 w/ Kate
4:30-5:45pm Community Class-drop-in for $10 w/ Kate


I'm a beginner, can I come to the studio? Yes of course! You are welcome in ANY class. 

Do you have any special deals for new students? Yes, indeed! New students can purchase a full month of classes for only $60, or a 6-class package for only $66.

Why do you ask me to put my mat in a particular place on the floor?  So you will always be able to see the teacher; the teacher will always be able to see you; You won't have to pick up your mat and move it during class because someone is in your way, or because someone is arriving late and rolling out their mat right in your line of sight; You won't have to whether you're "too "close" and invading someone else's space; You won't have to ask "Is it ok if I put my mat here?"; You won't end up facing the wrong way; You will be able to check your alignnment throughout the class. In other words, everything will go smoothly for you and your focus will be greatly enhanced.

What should I wear? Please wear stretchy clothes with elastic waist. Clothes that show your outline are ideal.

Why don't you sell bottled water? Because out the in ocean there is a mini-continent of plastic trash. 

Can I drink water during class?  Of course you can! However you might want to leave that bottle in the back room. For yoga you DO want to get fully hydrated before class but you want to keep your stomach and bladder empty during class. Drinking water can ceate internal pressure and get in the way of the practice.  If you are genuinely thirsty during class, you are welcome to go take a drink and come back to your mat.

I'm concerned I might get dehydrated. You definitely SHOULD drink 1 quart of water about an hour before class--or in the case of morning class, drink 1 quart when you wake up. Your body will absorb the hydration.


Our Cell Phone Policy

No phone should ring inside the studio or office. If you must be on call:

  1. Set the phone to vibrate and keep it next to you
  2. Set up your mat close to the door.
  3. If you need to answer, please do so outside the studio




Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Passion!:

Music-driven, rhythmic, entracing, creative and gorgeous expression of classic and experimental yoga.


A pilates class that actually feels good. Classic mat exercises focusing on alignment and form. Develops extraordinary core strength.

Water Series:

Long holds of easy postures to stretch connective tissue and increase flexibility. Deep and relaxing.

Yin Yoga, Reiki and Massage:

Treat yourself to deep relaxation, stretches, and optional in-class bodywork provided by our trained instructors.

Yoga at the wall:

Using the wall as a prop, we practice technique, alignment & balance.

Post-Christmas Detox Yoga:

Challenging yoga class featuring dynamic kriyas (yogic cleansing exercises) longer posture holds, extended breathwork, core work, short rests and meditations. Stimulates digestion and elimination. Energizes and uplifts. All levels welcome.

Yoga Foundations:

Educate your mind and your body as you learn how to make your yoga safe, empowering and effective. Perfect for beginners and continuing students.

Fire Series:

Active class featuring extended breathwork, strong postures, backward bending, core strengthening, deep stretch. Cleansing and detoxifying. Dynamic movements and longer holds alternate with short meditations and rests. Promotes digestion and elmination. Increases vital energy. Burns calories.

Earth Series:

Very strong class featuring longer holdings in standing postures followed by deep hip opener stretching.

Classic Hatha:

A variety of postures practiced in the Hold/Release format that builds energy, stamina, focus and strength. A great class to develop your precision and alignment, perfect for beginners and advancing yogis.


Ever-changing creative and inspired posture sequences develop grace and self-expression through non-stop flows of standing postures and sun salutations, punctuated by core-strengthening moves.


At Nirvana Yoga we say "If it's not belly, breath and spine, it's not yoga." Long holds, gorgeous transitions, deep breath and a good dose of belly awareness work.

Community Class-drop-in for $10:

Format is Teacher's Choice.  Taught by certified yoga teachers from Nirvana Yoga's faculty.  Open to all, only $10. (drop-ins pay in cash -- no credit or debit cards accepted. Class cards can be used.) 

Gentle and Restorative Yoga:

Let go completely and de-stress your body and mind. Rest deeply and recharge your batteries. Experience safe, easy and gentle postures, deep relaxation and healing meditations.