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Looking for Amherst Studio / Jayadeva Yoga?

Class Schedule

Nirvana Yoga has infrared-radiant heat. That means the studio's temperature ranges from warm, low 80's at one end, to hot (90 degrees) at the other end.


9:15-10:30am Fire Series Online w/Kate. LINK: w/ Kristen
4:00-5:00pm Gentle Yoga Online LINK: w/ Darlene
5:30-6:45pm Water Series Online LINK: w/ Mary
9:15-10:30am Earth Series Online LINK: w/ Kate
4:00-5:00 Fire Series ON HOLD w/ Kristen
5:30 - 7pm Vinyasa Online LINK: w/ Becca
9:15-10:30am Vinyasa Online LINK: w/ Kate
5:30-6:45pm Slow Flow Yoga Online Link: w/ Mary
9:15-10:30 Yin yoga and meditation Online LINK: w/ Kate
4:00-5:00 Hatha ON HOLD w/ Kristen
5:30 - 7:00pm Earth Series Online LINK: w/ Becca
9:15-10:30am Fire Series Online LINK: w/ Kate
8:30-9:45am Core Flow Yoga w/MARY Online LINK: w/ Ruth Anne
9:15-10:30 Vinyasa Online LINK: w/ Alan
4:30-5:30pm Community Class Live stream on Facebook Group: Nirvana Online and ZOOM LINK: w/ Kate


Come in with a clean body (no lotions, oils, or scented products)

Bring a water bottle (we don't sell water but Easthampton has the  best tap water around)

You may borrow one of our mats if you need to, but you might want to bring your own. 

Bring a towel to put near your mat in case you sweat.

You are welcome to wear layered clothing, but be prepared to peel down to an ultra lightweight bottom layer. Tank-top and shorts are ideal.  

Take some time to choose your "spot." The area closest to the door is warm, the far end is hot. You are in control. There are marks on the floor. These are "spots" for students to place their mat. Choose any one. 

There IS a shower available. Please limit showers to 2 minutes. Again, bring your own towel.


We are a barefoot studio. For everyone's safety No Glass bottles.

Must be 13 or older to participate in group classes (let us know if there's interest in family yoga or preteen yoga)

Come with a clean body, clean clothes and a clean towel. (we aim to be fragrance free)

Turn off your cell phone. 

No shoes inside the studio.

Place all personal belongings (except mat, towel, and water bottle) in the back room.

Be on your mat and ready to begin at the class start time. 

Close doors promptly behind you, don't hold doors open.

Rest in class by lying down, sitting or kneeling on your mat.

No talking during class.


I'm a beginner, can I come to the studio? Yes of course! You are welcome in ANY class. 

Do you have any special deals for new students? Yes, indeed! New students can purchase a full month of classes for only $60 or Six classes for only $66! Save time, purchase online.

Why do you ask me to put my mat in a particular place on the floor?  You won't have to ask whether you're "too close" and invading someone else's space; You won't have to ask "Is it ok if I put my mat here?"; You won't end up facing the wrong way; You will be able to check your alignnment throughout the class. In other words, everything will go smoothly for you and your focus will be greatly enhanced.

What should I wear? Please wear stretchy clothes with elastic waist. Clothes that show your outline are ideal.

Our Cell Phone Policy

No phone should ring inside the studio or office. If you must be on call:

  1. Set the phone to vibrate and keep it next to you
  2. Set up your mat close to the door.
  3. If you need to answer, please do so outside the studio

Class Descriptions

Fire Series:

Active class featuring extended breathwork, strong postures, backward bending, core strengthening and deep stretch. Cleansing and detoxifying. Dynamic movements and longer holds alternate with short meditations and rests. Promotes digestion and elimination. Increases vital energy. Burns calories. Beginner-friendly-open to all levels.

Earth Series:

Standing postures, lot's of balancing, seated folds and hip openers. Slow paced with detailed instructions. Great for all levels.

Water Series:

Long holds of easy postures to stretch connective tissue and increase flexibility. Deep and relaxing. Great for beginners.

Core Flow Yoga:

Barre, pilates, and yoga fusion. A fun and challenging workout for all levels. No experience necessary.


Ever-changing creative and inspired posture sequences develop grace and self-expression through non-stop flows of standing postures and sun salutations, punctuated by core-strengthening moves.


A variety of postures practiced in the Hold/Release format that builds energy, stamina, focus and strength. A great class to develop your precision and alignment, perfect for beginners and advancing yogis.

Yin yoga and meditation:

Long holds with deep stretching release. Deep breathing. Ends with guided meditation.

Yoga Foundations:

Educate your mind and your body as you learn how to make your yoga safe, empowering and effective. Explore all aspects of yoga including pranayama (breathing), philosophy as well as asana (postures). Perfect for beginners and continuing students.

Community Class:

This class is designed for you to sample a variety of styles that we offer. Format is Teacher's Choice. Open to all.

Gentle and Restorative Yoga:

Let go completely and de-stress your body and mind. Rest deeply and recharge your batteries. Experience safe, easy and gentle postures, deep relaxation and healing meditations. 

Love your Asana!:

This hands-on, interactive experience will help you customize your postures, deepen & empower your physical practice, and develop your understanding of alignment in your own, unique body.  Bring your practice to a new level, ALL are welcome.

Gentle Yoga:

appropriate for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, and relaxing practice. Gentle yoga  includes carefully orchestrated movements, stretches, strengthening, and opportunities for relaxation. 


At Nirvana Yoga we say "If it's not belly, breath and spine, it's not yoga." Long holds, gorgeous transitions, deep breath and a good dose of belly awareness work.

Yoga at the wall:

Open up to a whole new dimension of yoga. Experience your body lengthening and strengthening with the help of specially modified postures designed to bring out your hidden potential. Fun, creative, and enlightening, go ahead and impress yourself! Great for beginners.

Yoga for YOU - 6 Week Beginner Series:

A 6 week series designed to support every BODY experience yoga.  We will take the time each week to explore variations and modifications that will support you on and off the mat.  You will learn how to tune into your body so you can practice yoga safely and confidently.  You’ll experience that good feeling of working and stretching your muscles, while tending to your breath and listening to your soul.

Yes, yoga IS for you.  Register NOW, space is limited to 10

Yin Yoga, Reiki and Massage:

Treat yourself to deep relaxation, stretches, and optional in-class bodywork provided by our trained instructors.

Slow Flow Yoga:

A sequence of postures with longer holds linked in a graceful way including time to stretch, strengthen and transition with a steady breath. Perfect for people who wish to try vinyasa or desire a slower vinyasa class. Helps to build stamina and mindful awareness.