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Classic "Old School" hatha yoga for every system of your body-every part of YOU!

All classes feature our signature sequence of postures and breathing exercises perfectly balanced to assure you maximum health and well-being.

Every Open level class consists of a complete set of breathing exercises, standing postures and floor postures.

Nirvana Yoga is strengthening and popular with both men and women.  It is accessible to all levels of experience. Detailed instructions are easy to understand and follow.  Everyone is reminded to rest as needed and work at their own pace.

Nirvana Yoga is authentic hatha yoga. The selection of postures, pacing and sequencing are "old school" to offer you the maximum benefit in the shortest time.  

Nirvana Yoga supports transformation in ALL body systems including nervous system, glandular system, respiratory system, digestive system and circulatory system.  The result is rapid improvement in fitness, health and well being, plus emotional upliftment and spiritual development.

Hatha Yoga is the original physical yoga.  It is both challenging and relaxing at the same time. You work hard but get deeply relaxed too. You let go of long-standing tensions from you body and mind. You cultivate extraordinary strength through persistent moderate effort.  You learn to relax deeply and let go at will.  You develop a stronger core in every sense.

Nirvana Yoga is owned and operated solely by Ruth Anne Lundeberg, 30+ year yoga practitioner.  Her many thousands of yoga teaching hours spanning more than two decades are reflected in her Open Level sequence, which is taught by all teachers at the studio. 

Nirvana yoga classes teach the details of alignment and form further increasing benefits for each student.  

When you arrive:

Plus only those props as requested by the teacher.

Nirvana Yoga Guiding Principles

Ruth Anne Lundeberg, Studio Steward

 A very select and by no means complete list of principles and visions for 1) this sacred space, 2) our shared journey of self-awakening 3)  our lovingconscious community of practitioners.

The rules for use of the space are designed to create safety for and harmony between all members of this community; if you are here now, congratulations you are already a member.

Our studio is a sacred space; We practice the diligence and gentle self-sacrifice necessary to become skilled at creating, maintaining and dwelling within that sacred circle. 

We invite/invoke the DIVINE to be present with us through our loving attention and care to the ways we interact with the space and beings within.

We express our intention and desire to expand ourselves and our spiritual awareness through voluntary simplicity and gentle austerity while there.

Let it place be a refuge for those who seek respite from the insanity of the world that our collective consciousness has created; complicated, often painful, restricting, sometimes terrifying and always overwrought/fraught with unnecessary human-made complexity.

 For those who want to LEARN a NEW WAY of living and being; one which is full of peace and joy—this space and the things that happen here are the keys you have been searching for.

The Space itself and the way we run it is the teaching of AHIMSA which means radical refraint from harming.  No paper, no plastic, no dust, no waste, no unnecessary energy use, no chemicals.

We are going paperless. We gladly accept checks (cash is better karma!  LOL:)  Paypal is a great option you can do from our website. We don't print paper credit card receipts. We have no intake forms.  We don't give out flyers, brochures or schedules.

The Floor: our floor is Absolutely non-toxic, dust free, with no chemical outgassing, sustainably sourced, will last virtually forever, can be dismantled and reused and therefore never need end up in a landfill.  The floor may seem hard at first but it actually assists you to be grounded, to balance and to relax and release, melting tension from your body.

The journey of running a yoga studio is an ongoing experiment that continues to reveal new ways to serve, love and grow. I thank everyone and bless you all for the opportunity.


Ruth Anne Lundeberg

Looking for Amherst Studio / Jayadeva Yoga?

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