Do it, feel it, be it

Looking for Amherst Studio / Jayadeva Yoga?

Satisfying yoga, great teachers, beautiful spaces. That's Nirvana Yoga.

Hi and Welcome!! I'm Mama Nirvana (Ruth Anne Lundeberg), yogini, yoga teacher, pilates instructor, dancer, hypnotist, minimalist, Buddhist, sometime writer...and a few other other things. Come in and enjoy real, satisfying yoga with me and my faculty.

I have PERFECT CONFIDENCE that you will be impressed with every part of your experience at Nirvana Yoga.

30-PLUS YEARS OF RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, DEDICATED PRACTICE AND TEACHING give me the confidence to say: Nirvana offers you the best possible methods, the best teaching, the best environment, the best vibe, the BEST OF EVERYTHING THAT'S REAL ABOUT YOGA.

REAL YOGA is a life-changing immersion into well-being, happiness, and bliss that uplifts your heart as well as your body. YOU BECOME THE MASTER OF YOUR BODY AND MIND.

OUR YOGA IS RICHLY LAYERED, DEFINED, AND CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED.  FIRE series, EARTH series and WATER series are my personal creations based on decades of experience. 

AT EVERY CLASS WE OFFER YOU REAL YOGA that leads to bliss, self-mastery, health, attractiveness, personal empowerment, long-term happiness, long life, success in all areas of life. 

OUR BEAUTIFUL STUDIOS ARE GEMS OF MINIMAL DESIGN which promote contentment, clarity, relaxation and focus. 

TROUGH ALL OF OUR INTERACTIONS WITH YOU, we create an ultra-high quality experience while creating minimal environmental impact.

I'M ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN A LIFE AND BUSINESS in which the precept "do no harm" extends to all humans, all animals and the environment. 

MORE ABOUT MY LIFE IN YOGA: I'm a 30-year student of yoga. I'm still fascinated by the beauty, precision and brilliance of the practice.  After three decades with yoga, I can vouch for the amazing benefits to your body, mind and spirit. Yoga has helped me be more resilient, powerful, and peaceful. Of course, it has also made me physically strong and graceful. Throughout the years I have dealt with divorce, losses, bouts of depression and periods of financial uncertainty. For over 30 years I have always shown up for yoga, and it has helped me get through.  None of us are immune from pain and difficulty in life and yoga does not always prevent the inevitable-- but it heals, soothes and restores your body and soul. 

That's why I am so passionate about teaching others.  My yoga teaching career spans 23 years. I have taught many thousands of yoga classes to many thousands of people. I've taught many yoga teacher training courses. I've amassed a pretty good knowledge of the field.  Only about a year ago I began to develop "master sequences" that encapsulate the power of the practice.  I've taught these to the Nirvana Yoga faculty and they in turn teach them to Nirvana Yoga students.  

Nirvana Yoga Guiding Principles

Ruth Anne Lundeberg, Studio Steward

 A very select and by no means complete list of principles and visions for 1) this sacred space, 2) our shared journey of self-awakening 3)  our lovingconscious community of practitioners.

The rules for use of the space are designed to create safety for and harmony between all members of this community; if you are here now, congratulations you are already a member.

Our studio is a sacred space; We practice the diligence and gentle self-sacrifice necessary to become skilled at creating, maintaining and dwelling within that sacred circle. 

We invite/invoke the DIVINE to be present with us through our loving attention and care to the ways we interact with the space and beings within.

We express our intention and desire to expand ourselves and our spiritual awareness through voluntary simplicity and gentle austerity while there.

Let it place be a refuge for those who seek respite from the insanity of the world that our collective consciousness has created; complicated, often painful, restricting, sometimes terrifying and always overwrought/fraught with unnecessary human-made complexity.

For those who want to LEARN a NEW WAY of living and being; one which is full of peace and joy—this space and the things that happen here are the keys you have been searching for.

The Space itself and the way we run it is the teaching of AHIMSA which means radical refraint from harming.  No paper, no plastic, no dust, no waste, no unnecessary energy use, no chemicals.

We are forever attempting to achieve paperlessness.  We gladly accept checks (cash is better karma!  LOL:)  Paypal is a great option you can do from our website. We don't print paper credit card receipts. We have no intake forms.  We don't give out flyers, brochures or schedules.

The Floor: our floor is Absolutely non-toxic, dust free, with no chemical outgassing, sustainably sourced, will last virtually forever, can be dismantled and reused and therefore never need end up in a landfill.  The floor may seem hard at first but it actually assists you to be grounded, to balance and to relax and release, melting tension from your body.

The journey of running a yoga studio is an ongoing experiment that continues to reveal new ways to serve, love and grow. I thank everyone and bless you all for the opportunity.

Ruth Anne Lundeberg